Pussy, Pussy, Pussy: Was geht da bitte ab?

Was zur Hölle machen Rapper mit der weiblichen Vagina? Nicht nur, dass sie das Wort als Beleidigung benutzen. Denn wenn es dann wirklich um Sex geht, finden sie peinliche Synonyme wie „Schwanzgarage“ oder „Lustburger“. Ist das noch sexy? Nein, eher lächerlich, kindisch und extrem herabwertend.

Forget yourself so not to hurt others: Is that love?

The SZ-Magazin recently asked this in the "Question on Sunday" section. For some reason this question got stuck in my head. Apparently even more people ask themselves this thing about love. Everyone strives for it, wishes to feel true love. But what is love? And do you have to love yourself less so you can love someone else?

Wanna be my bootycall tonight?

I don't want anyone to stare at me. I don't want to feel uncomfortable walking past a group of men. I want to come home safely at night. I want to wear the clothes I like, without men thinking it’s just for them. Neither do I want to feel the looks on my boobs. I don't want to be categorized as a certain type of woman.

Nightmares found on Tinder?

In the digital age it is possible to date without even leaving the house. Various online dating platforms offer the opportunity. To find out how superficial the app "Tinder" really is, I tested it for 24 hours. After that time, I'm left with a sense of disgust and many questions about the new way to court women.

Relationships without matching views?

The first dates, things are going well. A good start. That could work, because the basic views on life don't diverge completely. But later, the better you get to know each other, there are always little things that don't fit together at all. What can you do without and in which points you must insist that you resemble each other?

After Oktoberfest Depression?

„Ich weiß genau, wie es auf der Wiesn riecht. Eine Mischung aus stickiger Luft, Bier, vielen Menschen, Hendl und Kasspatzn. Aber ich weiß auch genau, wie die nassen Dielen riechen und wie sich der erste Schritt in’s Zelt anhört, wenn der Absatz auf dem Holz klackt. Und ich weiß genau, wie das erste Bier schmeckt."

Influencer, WTF are you doing?

I have to be honest. Instagram dominates a large part of my time every day. It's like an addiction, but rather toxic. And also literally the same things on every profile. A new face mask? I know these advertising posts inside out. As the job title already says, these people are influencers. But what kind of influence is that?

Who knows what’s beautiful?

I often ask myself, who determines what is beautiful? Why should we women be thin and men well trained? When I open my instagram in the morning, I see all these beautiful women. Thin, athletic, healthy, happy. And I immediately get in a bad mood. And an incredible pressure to jump out of my bed and do 50 sit-ups.

Dealing with mistakes – easy as 1-2-3?

To deal with oneself and one's character is an important part of the further development of our species - in my opinion. I also think that not many people do that. Because dealing with one's worst qualities and most annoying habits can be quite painful. It stirs up memories, makes us aware that we have mistakes.

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