After Oktoberfest Depression?

„Ich weiß genau, wie es auf der Wiesn riecht. Eine Mischung aus stickiger Luft, Bier, vielen Menschen, Hendl und Kasspatzn. Aber ich weiß auch genau, wie die nassen Dielen riechen und wie sich der erste Schritt in’s Zelt anhört, wenn der Absatz auf dem Holz klackt. Und ich weiß genau, wie das erste Bier schmeckt."

Influencer, WTF are you doing?

I have to be honest. Instagram dominates a large part of my time every day. It's like an addiction, but rather toxic. And also literally the same things on every profile. A new face mask? I know these advertising posts inside out. As the job title already says, these people are influencers. But what kind of influence is that?

Who knows what’s beautiful?

I often ask myself, who determines what is beautiful? Why should we women be thin and men well trained? When lying you should see the hip bone, trousers size 38 is almost “abnormal”. When I open my instagram in the morning, I see all these beautiful women. Thin, athletic, healthy, happy. And I immediately get in a bad mood.

Dealing with mistakes – easy as 1-2-3?

To deal with oneself and one's character is an important part of the further development of our species - in my opinion. But I also think that not many people go this way. But I understand. Because dealing with one's darkest sides, worst qualities and most annoying habits can be quite painful.

What are we all waiting for?

Too often I hear from older people "Your generation is absolutely incapable of relationships". First of all, I think it's not true, it's a one size fits all. But the experiences I and also and my friends make almost always support this thesis.

Life crisis, what am I doing here?

What do I want with my life? Where do I want to go, how do I want to be when I am old? Which principles do I want to remain true to, which do I throw out of the pile? It is not easy to become an adult person of whom you are proud yourself.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. True?

Today I had a long conversation with my best friend. The topic: What's the best way to behave with a guy in a not-so-settled situation? You like each other, but somehow nothing goes ahead and you get impatient. The tip: Don't report so much. Then you become more interesting. True?

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